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Welcome to Grace Academy!


Grace Academy began operation in the fall of 2007 and since then has grown by over 200%!  The reason for this is simple: we offer a multitude of resources to families who choose non-traditional education for their children.

Grace Academy, as part of Grace Brethren Schools, places ministry first.  Registration fees and tuition for courses cover the actual cost of doing business, resulting in an affordable environment for families.  Classes, field trips, and curriculum counseling are only a few of the many services of Grace Academy at additional fees. 


What makes Grace Academy unique is the partnership with Grace Brethren Church and Schools. We offer a variety of options to meet your specific needs.  Below is limited information.  Please visit the specific pages for more detailed information.


Lancer Track

For families interested in the options of the bricks and mortar school, but want to continue with their non-traditional education, the Lancer Registration offers just that opportunity.  Grace Academy students can participate with on-campus classes, clubs, sports and many other activities.  All junior and senior high students at Grace Academy are placed on the Lancer Track.


Traditional Track

Families also have the guidance and accountability offered by Grace Academy to assist those seeking a non-traditional education. We provide the administrative support you need.  Traditional Track is only available for grades K-6.

Enrichment Mondays

Monday Enrichment classes are offered on Mondays on either our high school or elementary campuses.  These classes offer a unique learning environment for your students.  Classes are mizxxed grades with a lesson presented each week.  Parents are expected to work through the student's weekly online assignments.  Projects and fun activities are also included.  Classes are offered for K-12.  Additional fees apply.


If you feel the Lord has called you to a non-traditional education style for your children, Grace Academy will partner with you to nurture the whole student in an academic environment through a Biblical worldview, to help provide an opportunity for each student to mature in Christ and to accurately handle the word of truth in a secular world.


We encourage you to read through the following information.  Please visit the contact us page to receive more information.  


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