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Discover how a focus on the child, the strength of the school and the impact of the teacher make Kindergarten @ Grace the right kindergarten to impact your child's future.

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Grace Brethren Elementary School has successfully developed and offered 2 levels of Kindergarten for over 2 decades. We assess your child to determine the best fit for them developmentally so that they acquire a solid foundation in all developmental realms in order to create a deeper love of learning and school while easily making friends.

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Kindergarten 1     Kindergarten 2

Why is Kindergarten so special?

As kindergartners playfully create stories, castles, and paintings with one another, they develop and refine their abilities to think creatively and work collaboratively, precisely the abilities most needed to achieve success and satisfaction in the 21st century. Mitchell Resnick

Time - The Case for K1

K1 is designed to provide children with additional time for maturation and physical,
social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development. The goal of the program is to develop confidence in their abilities by allowing them to increase their skills at their own pace. This is done in an activity-oriented environment in which they participate in large group, small group and individual learning situations. The end result is a confident, naturally maturing child that is ready for success in the next level of kindergarten.

The Assessment Process

Qualified classroom instructors conduct a kindergarten assessment profile to properly evaluate your child’s ‘developmental age.’ Based on the results of this profile, the instructor is able to advise you on the level of kindergarten that would be most appropriate for your child. The Gesell Developmental Observation is a standard procedure for evaluating behaviors for indications of physical/neurological growth, social-emotional maturity, language skills, and most importantly, adaptive development (using knowledge in action). Once classes begin, regular detailed assessment reports are conducted to keep you informed and your child on track.

Objectives of K1

Language and Literacy Skills - Demonstrates an awareness of beginning letter sounds.

Math Concepts - Recognizes numerals and understands concepts 1 - 20.

Physical Development - Demonstrates good eye-hand coordination.

Spiritual Development - Applies biblical character traits in work and play.

Social Development - Develops skills of cooperation and problem solving in play.

Objectives of K2

Language and Literacy Skills - Comprehension of teacher and pupil read material

Math Concepts - Understands concepts of addition and subtraction

Physical Development - Prints name correctly; catches ball

Spiritual Development - Memorizes weekly verses and applies Christian principles

Social Development - Evaluated on 16 items of work habits and citizenship

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