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A Grace Education


It is all about play-based joyful learning for ages 2-5.


It is about jumping into school with both feet, learning about God's world and exploring new concepts. K-6

Junior High

It is about taking a deeper dive into learning about God, each other and ourselves through shared experiences. Grades 7-8

High School

It is about studying our amazing world, God’s plan for us, and enjoying some of the best times in life. Grades 9-12

The Grace Difference


We delight in inviting children to see God's handiwork in everything around us whether it is exploring colors and numbers, studying history, learning math and science or appreciating the arts.


With over 23 different sports, there is an opportunity for each of our students. Life lessons are sometimes more easily taught on the playing field than in the classroom.


Whether it be through expression on a canvas, performing on stage, playing an instrument, or creating a film, we aim to develop students who celebrate God through the world of art.



Extracurricular activities at Grace provide a unique opportunity for students to explore an interest outside the classroom environment.


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