Grace School is a special place with a Christ-centered view, where students learn about God, our world, and each other through rigorous academics, championship athletic programs, award-winning art programs, and many co-curricular activities at all grade levels. Our emphasis on growing, building, and serving as a means to having a successful life is unmatched in the surrounding areas. We welcome you to Grace School and pray you sense the love we have for students and families and also see we have a lot of fun along the way. We are confident you will make friends for life and teachers who you will treasure for a lifetime while at Grace School.


Celebrating over 40 years of educating students based on a Bible-centered curriculum.


Our purpose is rooted in bringing glory to God...always, in all we do.

Why Grace

An important question. Simple answer, we excellence in academics, athletics, arts and fun stuff all wrapped in God's love.

Our Guiding Principle is to Love God and People

It is just that simple and just that beautiful.

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Our Mission

Grace Schools, in partnership with church and family, proclaim Christ in all we do. We will nurture the whole student in an academic environment through a Biblical world-view, providing an opportunity for each one to mature in Christ and to accurately handle the word of truth in a secular world.

Grace is home.
- Dailynn Baker (Foy), Class of 2005, mother of two elementary Lancers



in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ


competence through academic excellence


Christ through a lifetime of obedience