4th Grade SAC/SF Field Trip

From Wednesday, October 9th to Friday, October 11th the fourth graders and their parents had a whirlwind trip to Northern California as a part of their California history curriculum.  Wednesday morning started with an early flight out of Burbank Airport as excited students pulled their sleepy parents through security and onto the plane.  Once in downtown San Francisco the students were able to explore Chinatown and take a trolley tour around the city and across the Golden Gate Bridge.  After lunch the classes boarded a boat to sail across the harbor to Alcatraz Island, one of the favorite stops on the trip.  Undaunted by the possible power outages the 4th grade class continued on and toured the Jelly Belly Factory the next morning before heading up to Coloma and panning for gold in the shadow of Sutter’s Mill.  The students were struck with gold fever as they cried out “eureka” every time they found a gold flake!  The next morning, the students had to dress up a little nicer as we took a guided tour of the State Capitol Building.  Leaving the capitol building we walked through the nearby park visiting the Policeman’s Memorial, Firefighters Memorial and Vietnam Memorial.  It was good to pause and remember the many men and women who have sacrificed their lives for our communities and our country.  After lunch our stop was many of the students favorite place to visit, the CHP Academy.  Not only did we get to see the intense training our dedicated CHP officers go through but the students got to experience the thrill of a lifetime, the skid pad.  Trained CHP officers drove the students around on wet concrete slipping, sliding and even doing a couple 360’s.  Our final stop was at the Railroad Museum and Old Sacramento.  Everyone was tired but still managed to stop and get some mini doughnuts or ice cream before we headed to the airport.  By the end of the trip our 4th graders had the chance to see, touch and hear California history bringing their classroom to life!

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