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Elementary Robotics Tournament

The Grace Brethren Elementary robotics program had their first tournament experience.  Since we just started the program, we did our own competition at the elementary campus.  All four GBES teams- Walmart Greeters, Bomber Bots, Mrs. Graves' Champions and Team Terminator (an all girls team) competed with and against each other to test their programming, building and driving skills.  Each robot competed to pick up, transport over a ramp, and drop bean bags in different sized buckets.  For each match two teams work collaboratively, as an alliance, to achieve the highest score each match. 

Starting from scratch three months ago, the students designed and built their robot to complete the task.  The students also programmed their robot to move autonomously- or on it's own without a controller.  Robotics competitions test not only the final product, but also judge students' log books, team work and programming skills.    

After 6 hard fought, impressive and high scoring matches, the team Mrs. Graves' Champions had the highest score.  The Walmart Greeters had the highest autonomous score.    

The Walmart greeters also won best design for their log book and team interview.  

After the competition, we had the 1st and 4th team competed against the 2nd and 3rd place team.  The alliance of Team Terminators and Bomber Bots won the final match.

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