Jay Toia Commits to USC

Jay Toia, a three year starter and four star recruit for the Lancers, signs his letter of intent with USC. Jay would have been a four year starter but Covid has played a role in the current status of the season. With Jay Toia dominating the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball, the Lancers are 39-7 in three seasons with a reputation including toughness, discipline, overtime wins and fourth quarter miracle comebacks. The Lancers have won the league championship six straight seasons, climbing all the tiers of competition in Ventura County and jumping CIF divisions.

During Jay's three seasons, the Lancers have won D8 CIF championship, SoCal 2AA Regional champions and State Runner-Up in 2017, D4 CIF champions, Socal Regional 2AA champions and State Champions in 2018 and D3 CIF Runner Up in 2019.  Jay Toia has been described as a “force of Nature”. The 6'3 320 pound giant is known for his relentlessness, speed, and agility. He has done it all for the Lancers including scoring a touchdown is a close comeback victory just last season. The level of aggression and energy he plays with make him one of the more exciting players to watch. While the other lineman are slowing down, he’s just getting started! We project Jay Toia will make an immediate impact at USC.

"Jay is the biggest, strongest and fastest player I have ever coached, the combination he has in that aspect is unmatched in my experience. The most remarkable thing about Jay Toia is his emotional strength, whenever there is a battle situation, Jay Toia really is a force to be reckoned with. The strength that God has given him to shift the field, to shift the locker room, to shift a game is as strong as I have ever seen. God is going to use Jay as a leader." - Josh Henderson

Click the links below to take a closer look at Jay's recruitment video with USC and his junior year highlight video. 




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