The First Day of School


Today was such a fun day having everyone back on campus.  All the students were back in their uniforms, hair brushed and combed, and you could almost smell the scent of new backpacks and shoes as everyone came onto campus.  Many stopped out front to take that special picture (don’t forget to upload those pictures to vidigami!) and then headed back for our morning blacktop time.  We started with our pledges and then the school council president, Olivia Burch, introduced her board and sang a beautiful rendition of “How Great Thou Art.”  Principal Cooper took a couple minutes to remind everyone of our 2019-20 theme of “Proclaiming Christ” and Pastor Howard closed in prayer.  All of the students exited to their classes with eager anticipation…okay; maybe there were a few anxious thoughts from both the students and parents alike.   The rest of the day sailed along smoothly as the students were introduced to their classrooms and procedures.  Leaving at the end of the day, everyone knew that although the first day was under their belt, there were still many more good days to come.


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