College Planning

Intellectual curiosity is an activity of the mind that requires nurturing and training over the four years of a student’s high school education. 

The college planning experience at Grace starts with the understanding that every student, made in God’s image, is equipped with not just the capacity, but the desire to learn about the world around them and that appropriate inspiration is necessary to unlock these intellectual passions. 

Our team of college counselors works individually with each student, beginning as early as the seventh grade because we believe that each of our graduates has tremendous God-given gifts to offer this world.

Lancer graduates have gone on to some of the more influential four-year institutions across the nation. Grace's highly qualified, professional instructors implement a curriculum that is cutting edge to prepare every student for the rigors of higher education both inside the classroom and around campus. Review our college acceptance list here.

Our Student Services staff partners with parents, students, and faculty to assist in the college selection process.  Our school offers the following opportunities by grade level.

Our Graduates Attend


Grace has provided me with an environment that has allowed me to harness my passions while also encouraging me to achieve my future endeavors. From the small class sizes to the unique student-teacher relationships, Grace has let me develop into the student, friend, and disciple of Christ that I have aspired to be. I feel that my past 5 years with Grace have prepared me for my future and I feel eager to put the knowledge and skills instilled in me to use in the years to come.
- Hailee, Class of 2018

Grace is a place that allows me to get involved in all my passions, and have a great college resume. - Hannah, Class of 2018

The teachers at Grace really care about their students and work hard to connect with them in class. They are willing to go the extra mile to help.
-Lauri Kreiger, Jr/Sr High Faculty

Get In Touch

We enjoying working with parents and students with identifying and applying to the right college for our students.  You may call Austin Doucette or Kristina Furrow at 805-522-4667 or send an email to set up an appointment today.

Quick Facts

  • 97% of graduates go on to college
  • 35-40 colleges visit our campus each year
  • 3 - 4 local college and university tours each year
  • 2 college trips per school year