Kindergarten at Grace

It is difficult to over-emphasize the importance of a child's kindergarten experience. Your child's first year of formal schooling will have a large impact on the way they view school--and themselves--for the rest of their lives. At Grace Elementary, we believe in the importance of making sure every child feels challenged, supported, and successful. Our unique K-1/K-2 kindergarten program tailors the kindergarten experience to the individual developmental age of each student. The long-term goal is to prepare our students for first grade and beyond with strong reading abilities, social/emotional maturity, and a deep love of learning. We have employed this two-year kindergarten model for over 30 years and have had the joy of watching many young students blossom and excel as they move from our elementary campus to junior high, high school, and beyond.

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Having my son at Grace has been a true peace of mind. I know he is learning and being considered as an individual. I know if there is a problem they will reach out. I know the values align with our home. The peace of mind I get as a parent is amazing.Lacey C., Elementary Parent

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Quick Facts

  • Rigorous academic standards
  • Qualified teachers who care for their students
  • Four weekly enrichment classes: fine arts, PE, computers and library
  • Student council for 3rd-6th grades
  • 4th grade travels to SF/Sac
  • Dynamic sports program
  • Robotics team for upper elementary
  • Extensive fine arts opportunities in drama, choir, and band
  • Grade-level appropriate field trips to enhance the curriculum
  • Extended Care program for working families