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JR/SR High

Grace Brethren is a coeducational, College Preparatory Junior / Senior High School that places Christ and His Kingdom at the center of all we do. Our mission is specifically designed to bring students to a greater awareness of their spiritual, mental, and physical maturity, while leading them to a deeper understanding of Christ. We believe students were created for a purpose, and for the years they are at Grace, we play a role in helping them discover what this purpose is.

Academic Resources & Information

View our High School Profile for important information about our mission, graduation requirements, college stats and more!

Study our High School Four Year Plan for a deeper dive into class requirements.

Read our Sr High and Jr High Curriculum Guides for class offerings.

Our Departments


Bible Department


Young people who have become Christians need to establish roots and begin growing to maturity. Since it is true in all that it teaches, the inerrant Bible must be their sole authority for faith and practice. The student must understand the Bible to be God’s inspired written word, and as such, it is inerrant (2 Timothy 3:15-17).

The Bible is the primary source for biblical instruction at all grade levels. This instruction includes higher level thinking skills built upon knowledge of biblical doctrine, right thinking and memorization of Scripture. Students should be able to defend their faith to others including those in religious sects.

It is our belief that students should be instructed and encouraged to allow their daily lives to be governed by the application of biblical truth by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is our hope that upon graduation, students will be able to participate in the marketplace of ideas for the cause of Christ (Acts 17:16-34).

Department Chair:

Mr. Stephen Barshaw: BA in Biblical Studies—Biblical Exposition, The Master’s University; MA in Education—Educational Leadership, Concordia University. 13th year at Grace.


Mr. Rory Carlson: BA in Youth Ministry, Azusa Pacific University; MA in Biblical Exposition and Theology, Talbot School of Theology. 1st year at Grace.

Mrs. Sue Howard: BA in Elementary Education, Louisiana Baptist University. 16th year at Grace.

Pastor Tim Howard: BA in Christian Ministry, MA in Biblical Counseling, The Master's
University; MA in Ministry, Grace Theological Seminary. 9th year at Grace.

Mr. Matt Simms: BA in Biblical Studies, Grace College. 1st year at Grace.

Courses Offered:

7th grade: The Life of Christ & the Early Church
8th grade: Wisdom Literature & Character Studies (**CLASSES SEPARATED BY GENDER.)
9th grade: Early Hebrew History
10th grade: New Testament Survey
11th grade: Foundations of the Christian Faith, Part 1
12th grade: Foundations of the Christian Faith, Part 2
9th-12th grade: Bible Foundations
11th&12th grade: Behavioral Studies (**ELECTIVE)


English Department
2017 -2018


The English department at Grace Brethren exists to provide students with an appreciation for good literature as well as a complete, comprehensive, working knowledge of literary themes, genres, analysis and literary criticism. All literature is analyzed through a biblical worldview with Christ at the center.

Speaking and writing skills are also emphasized to a great degree. It is important for students to not only know how to interpret and analyze the ideas expressed in a work of literature but also to communicate their ideas clearly, effectively and respectfully. Writing is an essential skill that transcends nearly all areas of life; therefore, the English department strives to prepare students in becoming highly effective and competent communicators by offering myriad of speaking and writing opportunities.

Department Chair:

Mr. John Hynes: BA in English, BA in Drama, University of California, Santa Barbara; MA in English, MA in Education, Single Subject teaching Credential in English, Loyola Marymount University. 13th year at Grace.


Mr. David Carter: BA in Biblical Studies, The Master's University; BA in English: Literary Criticism, William Jessup University. 7th year at Grace.

Mr. Shawn Klaiber: BS in Business, Pennsylvania State University. 3rd year at Grace.

Ms. Gabrielle Langley: BA in English and an MA in Education from Pepperdine University, Single Subject teaching Credential in English. 1st year at Grace.

Mrs. Gail Orona: BA in Speech, Bob Jones University. 18th year at Grace.

Mrs. Sara Pendleton: BA in English: Writing, Azusa Pacific University; MA in English, Azusa Pacific. 2nd year at Grace.

Ms. Rebecca Ryan: BA in English, Hope International University; California Teaching Credential: English, California Lutheran University; MA in Education, California Lutheran University. 7th year at Grace.

Courses Offered:

7th Grade: Explorations in Literature/Honors
8th Grade: Excursions in Literature/Honors
9th Grade:Fundamentals of Literature/Honors
9th Grade: Expository Composition (**1 SEMESTER)
10th Grade: American Literature/Honors
11th Grade: British Literature
11th Grade British Literature/Honors
11th Grade: AP Language & Composition
12th Grade: Major Themes in Literature
12th Grade: AP Literature & Composition
11-12th Grade:Critical Thinking & Composition (**1 SEMESTER)
7-12th Grade: Junior and Senior High Yearbook

Fine Arts

Fine Arts Department


The Grace Brethren Junior/ Senior High School Fine Arts Department is dedicated to preparing young people to be skilled artists with a heart for God. Whatever level of talent or desire on the part of any student, we strive to fully nurture and develop it into an appreciation of the arts. Recognizing individual accomplishment and abilities is encouraged but always accompanied with a balance of humility and glory to our Creator. We strive to incorporate the technological advances of our time so to expand the variety and creative possibilities of creative expression through Performing and Visual Art.

Department Chair:

Christi Ebenhoch (Choir/Vocal): BA in Vocal Performance and Music Education, MA in Teacher Education, Azusa Pacific University. Studio Singer in LA Entertainment Industry, Choir Adjudicator; Choreographer and Producer of Christian and Secular Music Production, Elementary and Youth Choir Development. 19 years teaching in Christian Education. SAG/ AFTRA. 16th year at Grace.


Anneke Bernardo: Assistant to the Performing Arts Chair; 6th year at Grace.

David Carter (Drama): BA in Biblical Studies, The Master's University; BA in English: Literary Criticism, William Jessup University. 7th year at Grace.

Tiana Fries (Advanced Placement Art and Graphic Arts): BA in Studio Art from California State University Long Beach; Italian Academy of Fine Arts, Florence Italy; Biblical Studies, Eternity Bible College; MA in Biblical Counseling from The Master’s University. 3rd year at Grace.

Paul Pate (Instrumental Music): BA in Jazz Studies, Cal State Northridge. 1st year at Grace.

Ryan Sevy (Film): BA from UC Davis; MA in Education with an emphasis in online technology, National University; 1st year at Grace.

Austin Smith (Art): BFA from California State University, Northridge; Concept Design Academy, Concept Designer for film and television for 6 years. 3rd year at Grace.

Courses Offered:

Junior High Choir, Senior High Choir, Junior High Drama, Senior High Drama, Junior High Beginning Instruments, Junior High Band, Jazz Band, Technical Theatre, Senior High Film Production/ Industry, Junior High Film Studies, Senior High Film Studies, Junior High Art, Senior High Art, Advanced Placement Art (Drawing and Painting), Senior High Art Media, Graphic Arts, Ceramics, Junior High Photography, Senior High Photography.

Special Projects, Memberships & Productions:

Christmas and Spring Choir Productions
Spring Senior High Musical (Music and Drama combined)
Fall Drama Play
Visual Arts Gallery
Senior High Worship Band
National Art Honor Society
International Thespian Society
Jerry Herman Awards Participants
National Youth Arts Association (Theater)


Language Department


Language facilitates communication and the ever-expanding global market has created greater opportunities for those who are multilingual. Studying different cultures also aids the understanding of others as well as the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Our goal here at Grace Brethren is that each language student would not only acquire a language, but also would have a greater understanding of other cultures and would be able to share their faith wherever the Lord would lead them.

The Grace Brethren Language Department endeavors to facilitate whole language acquisition that will be useful in real world situations. Students will have the opportunity to develop their speaking, listening, writing and reading skills in the target language. This is done through a variety of methods, including dramatization, role playing, videos, games, stories, short novels, and having classroom instruction and interaction in the target language.

Department Chair:

Mrs. Sandra Ruben: BS in Industrial Engineering, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo; Minor in Spanish, Universidad de Granada, Spain; MA in Spanish Literature and Culture, University of California, Santa Barbara. 5th year at Grace.


Mrs. Laura Delgado: BS in Business, California State University, Northridge; BA in Spanish Language and Culture, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain. 4th year at Grace.

Courses Offered:

Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, Spanish IV (Dual Enrollment), AP Spanish Language and Culture V (Dual Enrollment), AP Spanish Literature and Culture VI


Language Courses are offered to Grace Brethren students beginning in 8th grade. If a student has previous knowledge of a language, they may take a placement test to determine the best class fit.

Educational Trips:

Olvera St. in Los Angeles (America Tropical Museum)
Getty Museum
Mexican Restaurant
Salvadorian Pupuseria
Colombian Restaurant
Argentinean Restaurant


History Department


The Grace Brethren History Department equips students with a Christian philosophical perspective, makes them literate about the past and develops critical thinking skills in matters pertaining to history. This pursuit allows students to mature into godly believers, grow into relevant witnesses and develop as influential citizens in this present world.

Department Chair:

Mr. Marc Koster: BA in History, The Master’s University; MA in Teaching, Grand Canyon University. 19th year at Grace.


Ms. Kaycie Berthelson: BA in History, California Single Subject Credential: Social Studies, The Master’s University; MA in Education: Curriculum Design and Teaching, Fresno Pacific University (Anticipated: December 2017). 5th year at Grace.

Ms. Adrinna Hanson: BA in Political Science, California State University, Northridge; JD, Loyola Law School. 2nd year at Grace.

Ms. Kristen Klein: BA in History and Secondary Education, Gordon College; MA in Education, Concordia University, Irvine. 1st year at Grace.

Courses Offered:

7th Grade:World Studies
8th Grade: American History
9th Grade:Ancient Civilizations **1 SEMESTER
10th Grade:World History and Cultures
10th Grade: AP European History
11th Grade:U.S. History
11th Grade:AP U.S. History
12th Grade:Government **1ST SEMESTER
12th Grade:Economics **2ND SEMESTER
12th Grade:AP United States Government and Politics
11th-12th Grade: Introduction to Law **ELECTIVE


Mathematics Department


Grace Brethren Schools endeavors to equip each of our students with a thorough understanding of mathematical concepts and with the ability to apply these concepts in real life situations. The skills taught and the higher level thinking skills developed through the study of Mathematics will prepare students for mathematics in the university setting. As mathematics is studied in the classroom, its greatest value can be seen as it reflects the wisdom and purpose of our Creator. Our teachers relate biblical truths to the beauty of math. We believe that math is a God-given tool for learning problem solving skills. What the students study today will be used in life tomorrow.

The mathematics department enhances the traditional study of math with demonstrations and the utilization of computer programs, online activities and manipulatives. We use a variety of activities and assessments to encourage deeper understanding and competency.

Department Chair:

Ms. Joy Talcott: BS in Mathematics, California Single Subject Credential: Mathematics, Biola University; CA Clear Credential, UCLA; MAT Teaching, Biola University. 5th year at Grace.


Mr. Stephen Amick: Associates Degree in Civil Technology, The Thompson School, UNH; BS in Math Education, University of New Hampshire. 2nd year at Grace.

Mrs. Lauri Kreiger: BA in Liberal Studies, California State University, Northridge; MS in Marriage and Family Therapy, Fuller Theological Seminary. 1st year at Grace.

Mrs. Michelle Lindo: BA in Biblical Counseling and Secondary Teaching Credential: Mathematics, The Master’s University. 9th year at Grace.

Mr. Nick Tezak: MBA in Business Administration, Azusa Pacific University. 1st year at Grace.

Courses Offered:

Math 7, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry/Honors, Algebra II/Honors with Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus/Honors, Statistics, AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB and BC.


All entering students will be given a placement test to determine the best class fit. It is our desire that each student be placed in the most rigorous class for which he or she has been adequately prepared.


Science Department


The goal of the GBHS Science Department is to equip each student to gain knowledge of the natural world through careful, systematic investigation, to maintain the differences between fact, law and theory, and to know how it relates to the Bible. We also encourage students to desire to know more about the God who created the natural world and to share this knowledge with others.

Department Chair:

Mr. Scott Nandor: BA in Christian Education, Biola University; MA in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, MA in Apologetics, Talbot Seminary. 22nd year at Grace.


Mrs. Tori Yonkers: BS in Pre-Med Biology, The Master’s University. 4th year at Grace.

Mr. Adam Lucas: BA in Liberal Studies, MA in Curriculum and Instruction—Technology Integration, California Lutheran University. 1st year at Grace.

Mr. Jake Mittel: BS in Physics, Azusa Pacific University. 4th year at Grace.

Mrs. Sandra Ruben: BS in Industrial Engineering, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo; Minor in Spanish, Universidad de Granada, Spain; MA in Spanish Literature and Culture, University of California, Santa Barbara. 5th year at Grace.

Mrs. Brittany Diamond: BS in Sports Medicine, Pepperdine University. 1st year at Grace.

Mrs. Jana Lovell: BA in English, University of California, Los Angeles. 1st year at Grace.

Courses Offered:

  • AP Biology
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Physics 1 & 2,
  • Biology (Lab)/Honors
  • Chemistry (Lab)/Honors
  • Forensic Science
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Conceptual Physics/Honors
  • Life Science/Honors
  • Physical Science/Honors
  • JH Automation and Robotics
  • JH Design and Modeling
  • Principles of Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • JH/SH Introduction to Engineering Design

  • Educational Trips:

    7th Grade: Museum of Creation and Earth History & Safari Park, San Diego
    11th Grade: Catalina Marine Biology Trip

    Educators at Grace Brethren are here to care for the whole child. We care for them academically, emotionally, spiritually and professionally. It's a school where student/teacher relationships develop into mentorship relationships that last even after students graduate.
    -Sandra Ruben, Spanish Department Chair & Engineering Educator

    Grace Brethren has been so special to me because all of the teachers and staff do everything in their ability to see the students succeed in everything they do. - Justin, Class of 2019

    Command and teach these things. Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity. 1 Timothy 4:11-12

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