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Welcome to Grace Brethren Preschool! We are grateful God has brought us together. We know nothing is more precious to you than your child. Our staff is committed to providing the highest quality of Christian education and child-care. In our program, a strong emphasis is placed on the partnership between home and school. We encourage you to participate in as many activities at the school as you possibly can. Our desire is to be of service to you and your family.  
Julia Chandler, Preschool Director




Grace Brethren Preschool operates on the philosophy that the early years of a child's development are important. During these formative years, the need to establish a solid foundation in the life of the child is critical. Each of our preschool classes provide an inquiry based learning environment that allows students the opportunity to experience that application of academic skills and concepts. Within the design of each class, the children develop an inner sense of autonomy, confidence, and personal initiative driven by a Biblically based value system that will enable them to make healthy choices throughout their lives.

Two Year Olds

This class provides older toddlers a warm and safe learning environment in which they can explore their world with the use of age appropriate activities and equipment. The curriculum facilitates language development as well as social and emotional development of the children, while introducing them to pre-academic skills and concepts.

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Three Year Olds

This class challenges the students to begin to develop age-appropriate academic skills and concepts through hands-on exploration in which they engage their senses. The curriculum incorporates learning experiences that develop motor skills, science, art, and dramatic play.

Four Year Olds

This pre-kindergarten class emphasizes phonics, pre-reading, and math skills through the use of creative, hands-on learning centers that provide the students with the opportunity to actively participate in learning. Activities in science, art, music, and movement are also implemented to maintain an outstanding program that develops the basic academic foundation a child needs to be successful in school.

"Growth" in all areas is a significant milestone we desire to witness as parents in our children. Our son has learned much while attending Grace Brethren Preschool. Having the classroom setting, wonderful schedule, and structure has been impactful for our son in learning about peer interaction, following instructions from teachers, and understanding how to make wise choices. The admin and staff are patient, understanding, and available and ready to help answer questions. The most important aspect of Grace Brethren Preschool is the staffs' desire to share the Gospel and Biblical truths with all. We are thankful for a place as this that has a foundation built on the Bible.
- Julie Lee, Preschool Parent

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Our goal is to answer every question you have and assist you in narrowing down the highest priorities for making your final decision. Please feel free to stop by at 2762 Avenida Simi, Simi Valley, CA 93065 for an informational packet and a campus tour. You may also call me at 805-582-4270 or email me at to set up an appointment today.

Quick Facts

  • Ages 2,3,4 and 5 who are physically and emotionally ready for this type of group experience without regard to race, sex, or ethnic background.
  • Qualified Caring Staff
  • Full and Half Day Programs
  • Bible Centered
  • Developmentally academic curriculum
  • Nationally accredited
  • Special Events
  • Summer Program
  • Will assist in toilet training
  • Field Trips
  • Extra-curricular programs
  • Office hours are 8-4 daily
  • License #566208209