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Our alumni athletes

Jermel Jones
Class of 2018
Azusa Pacific University, Football, Track and Field





Pierson Ohl
Class of 2018
Grand Canyon University, Baseball

Noah Bean
Class of 2017
UNLV, Football

Sammi Fisher

Class of 2017
Notre Dame, Soccer

Gunner Hellstrom

Class of 2017
University of Nebraska Baseball

Tucker Robertson
Class of 2017
Iowa State Football

Troy Frazier
Class of 2016
CLU, Baseball

Olivia Hynes
Class of 2014
Swimming, Fresno Pacific
NCAA All-American Honoree

Ricky Elmore
Class of 2006
University of Arizona,Football,  Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, San Diego Chargers, Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins

Chad Kackert
Class of 2005
University of New Hampshire Football, Jacksonville Jaguars 2010, Toronto Argonauts 2011-2016. Grey Cup MVP 2012