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Welcome to community resources and portal for Grace Brethren School

We trust you will find most of the information you need on a regular basis on this page or in our My Grace Portal. More commonly requested information is available below. You can search by keyword or by campus to locate information such as dress code, lunch, block schedule, volunteer opportunities, etc.

Grades, Homework, Lesson Plans, Attendance, Report Cards, and Confidential and Family Information is housed in our secure portal, My Grace.

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Light A Candle Christmas Choir Show

Come out to our Christmas Shows at Grace Brethren

Show Times: December 14 (7pm) and 15 (4pm and 7pm) Sycamore Center, Simi Valley

The events of the week of November 5, 2018, were very heart-wrenching for our community.  Listen to Mr. Barshaw's moving chapel message on how to make sense of tragedy in our world.



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