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Our Current Artists to watch

Autumn Jessel
Class of 2021
Autumn keeps herself busy not only with Grace Brethren Performing Arts, she is an active member of the theatre scene in Southern California. Autum has starred in many plays such as Billy Elliot, The Little Mermaid, Fame Jr, Oklahoma!, Bye Bye Birdie and The Pirates of Penzance. Her vocals have been featured in many pieces of work. And to round out her talents, she is an accomplished dancer and has participated in many dance performances.

Josefine Hendarman
Class of 2027
Josefine has an amazing talent with the violin. Several times she has played the National Anthem or America the Beautiful during our special assemblies for Constitution Day, National Day of Prayer or our weekly blacktop mornings. We are excited to watch her continue to grow as she blesses the school with her talent.



Andre Mora
Class of 2024

Andre loves to display his musical and artistic gifts. Andre has had roles in both White Christmas and Beauty and the Beast during his 6th grade year. Andre is also growing as a young clarinet player but perhaps most of all entertains the school each year with his singing at the school talent show.




Olivia Moreno
Class of 2027

Although Olivia is young, she has already dazzled the school in her role as Sebastian in the elementary production of the Little Mermaid. Olivia has both the acting skills and voice to be able to contribute in many ways to the Grace Brethren arts department.




Caleigh Moreno
Class of 2023
Caleigh is a born performer. Although she is only in the seventh grade, she has had the spotlight in such plays as Little Mermaid, Les Miserables, The Lion King and Willy Wonka. You can also hear her voice on movies, commercials and has been featured in the children's choir in Americas Got Talent. Caleigh represents our future at Grace Brethren as she performs in our theatre and music productions as well as working in the entertainment industry.

Jassir Rivera
Class of 2023

Jassir loves to be onstage. You can catch him preparing for roles at Grace Brethren as well as in our theatre community. Jassir has recorded professionally with Dream Records as well as Americas Got Talent. Jassir wants to be a professional when he is older and is looking for opportunities to grow in the industry.

Abby Wieler
Class of 2024

Abby is already an accomplished singer. This year she played the lead in the elementary Christmas production of "The Secret of Snowflake County." Abby also has roles in the high school productions of White Christmas and Beauty and the Beast and has sung in the past two "Past, Present, Future" productions put on by the High School Fine Arts Department.