Visual Arts

With basic art instruction beginning in elementary school, semester/ year -length elective art classes become available in middle school through high school including art, ceramics, tech theatre, yearbook, photography, computer graphics, film studies and film industry. Our students participate on AP art portfolios, art galleries, full technical productions, production pipelines, corporate discussion, film analysis and production, and historical artistic exploration.
Students may participate in the National Art Honor Society where students explore advanced artistic education.


At Grace Brethren Elementary, we feel that it is very important to expose and teach our students about music and art starting at a young age. Not only is it a part of our co-curricular schedule but we also offer various extra opportunities for students to engage in the arts. Whether it be through our worship band, choir, or drama club's students are able to learn, grow and practically use their gifts, talents and abilities. We welcome students who have already practiced their abilities as well as students who are just wanting to learn and explore for the first time.

The art curriculum is a three-step program called "Meet the Masters." Within this curriculum the students learn about various Master artists, their styles and then are able to use those same techniques to create their own works of art.

JR/SR high

Middle School students find their visual vocabulary through a supportive, confidence-building arts curriculum grounded in a studio environment. When students discover the transformative power of art in their lives, they become open to the possibilities of self-expression. At Grace Brethren we encourage our junior high students to explore possibilities through art.

Our Senior High Art Programs provides students with opportunities to specialize in a range of media including clay-working photography, sculpture, drawing and painting, design, filmmaking and video. Our goal: to help students find their own voice and individual identity in their chosen art form.

Courses Offered: Junior High Art, Senior High Art, Advanced Placement Art (Drawing and Painting), Senior High Art Media, Graphic Arts, Ceramics, Junior High Photography, Senior High Photography, Film Studies I & II, Film Industry, Tech Theatre


Fine Arts Calendar

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Awards & Memberships

  • Jerry Herman Awards Participants
  • International Thespian Society
  • National Youth Arts Association (Theater)

Our Visual Arts Team


Christi Ebenhoch, Fine Arts Chair
Leah Sumner Film Studies
Amy Preston, Elementary Campus
Anneke Bernardo, Administrative Assistant