Clubs and Organizations

Grace students are doers. Each day we offer endless opportunities to learn, have fun and develop character in unique ways. We encourage our students to participate in extracurricular and co-curricular activities while at our Elementary and Jr/Sr High schools. These offerings are a vital part of our growing, learning philosophy.

Our clubs range from the academic to the artistic to the social, offering the students many opportunities to explore new interests and step outside of their comfort zones. With so many offerings we believe students will discover their unique talents, make new friends and do things you never thought possible by joining one or two or three of these offerings!

Co-curricular activities provide another opportunity for students to learn from mature, Christian role models while exploring areas of interest outside the classroom. Highly ranked, nationally recognized clubs and organizations, as well as special interest and community service opportunities, comprise an extra-curricular landscape where there is something for everyone.
- Marc Koster, Jr/Sr High Principal


Don't see a club that interests you? Talk to our principal about starting a club today!
As a Grace student, I participated in many sports, numerous clubs and the theatre department. I have made many long and lasting friendships with many beautiful people. But most importantly, a deep relationship with Christ- Alexa, Class of 2020