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Grace Brethren students are doers. Each and every day we offer endless opportunities to learn, have fun and develop character in unique ways. We encourage our students to participate in extracurricular and co-curricular activities while at our Elementary and Jr/Sr High schools. These offerings are a vital part of our growing, learning philosophy.

Our clubs range from the academic to the artistic to the social, offering the students many opportunities to explore new interests and step outside of their comfort zones. With so many offerings we believe students will discover their unique talents, make new friends and do things you never thought possible by joining one or two or three of these offerings!

Extra-curricular activities provide another opportunity for students to learn from mature, Christian role models while exploring areas of interest outside the classroom. Highly ranked, nationally recognized clubs and organizations, as well as special interest and community service opportunities comprise an extra-curricular landscape where there is something for everyone.
Scott Nandor, Principal High School




Elementary Choir is a group of third through sixth grade students who learn to sing in a choral setting and perform. It is offered once a week before school. Once a year they participate in the ACSI Choral Festival where they are evaluated by a guest conductor and perform with other Southern California school choirs. They also perform at several assemblies through-out the year, Open House and Grandparent's Day.

Our elementary robotics team is an introductory level of learning about and working with robotics designed specifically for elementary students. Our teams will design and build robots and then compete with those robots with other schools. The design and build of the robots is completely up to the ingenuity and creativity of the students who are able to use their math and science skills in a very tangible way.
Theater Arts Club

Our elementary robotics team is an introductory level of learning about and working with robotics designed specifically for elementary students. Our teams will design and build robots and then compete with those robots with other schools. The design and build of the robots is completely up to the ingenuity and creativity of the students who are able to use their math and science skills in a very tangible way.

SAM Club

Science and Math Club is an exciting way for 5th and 6th grade students to explore the world around them, specifically in the areas of physics and forensics. This club is a great way to challenge our mathematical and science driven students to push themselves beyond what is expected in the classroom. With a strong emphasis in developing higher level thinking skills and problem solving our SAM club students grow as students while also having fun experimenting with real world investigations.

Spanish Club

Led by GBHS AP Spanish teacher, Senora Ruben, and her AP spanish students, the spanish club is a fun way to introduce students to the beautiful language of spanish. Elementary students love to interact with the high school students and it gives them an opportunity to learn from students that they look up to. The club meets once a week for 10 weeks and is always a favorite of the students involved.

Jr/Sr High

ASB Leadership

The GBHS Student Leadership is a body of elected officers and accepted applicants, grades 9-12, who want to serve their fellow students and school at large.  This group interfaces with Administration and voices the concerns of classmates, as well as plan events designed to boost school spirit and community engagement.  The primary goals of the GBHS Leadership are to create a memorable experience for all students on campus, to promote unity and school spirit, and to grow as student leaders. The GBHS Leadership actively works to ensure that student activities and campus life are thriving.

CA Junior Scholarship Federation
California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF): CJSF is the junior high section of CSF. It is for junior high school students, recognizing academic achievement and providing future opportunity for scholarships.
CA Scholarship Federation
CSF is an academic club that recognizes the academic achievement of students each semester. This club allows students to receive distinctions at graduation and the opportunity to apply for scholarships.
Computer Club
The goal of this club is to inspire members in STEM and learn the skills necessary for a real-life work environment. Students of this club participate in discussions about current technologies and current event topics. They also learn the skill of programming for practical use and learn to appreciate technology in an ever-expanding world of big data management and machine learning artificial intelligence.
Equestrian Team

The GBHS Equestrian Team brings students together who have a love of horses and a love of riding. Students participate in equestrian competitions, work together as a team, learn about horsemanship and hone their riding skills.The GBHS Equestrian Team has had some of the best riders in the state.

Interact Club

Interact Club gives students the opportunity to make a difference in their community while having fun. Our Interact Club participates in various service projects at school, in the community and in the world at large. Our particular chapter continues to raise money each year for the children in Por Los Ninos, an orphanage in Honduras.

Junior High Leadership

Junior High Leadership is a body of students from 7th and 8th grade who volunteer to serve their fellow classmates and plan and participate in events that build class moral and bring school unity.

Mock Trial
As a member of Mock Trial, students prepare arguments for cases, question witnesses and present evidence in a court of law. They compete in the best county competition in the state as lawyers, witnesses, clerks and bailiffs. Any high school student can join and competition holds opportunities to grow individually and as a community.
National Art Society

National Art Honor Society is an on-campus organization for high school students for the purpose of inspiring and recognizing those students who have shown an outstanding ability in art. It is also for those who are interested in art and desire to hone their skills. This club meets regularly to do art exercises such a figure drawing, still-life painting and discuss regularly how they can grow as artists.

National Honors Society

NHS is a club recognizing students who excel in scholarship, leadership, service and character. Members of this club have a high academic GPA, lead and serve on campus in various ways while exemplifying exceptional character. Many of the members of this club actively participate in the Math and English Tutoring Programs on campus and manage the school's recycling program.

Neuroscience for Rising Generation
The Neuroscience Club is designed to aid students in their understanding of brain chemistry, the nervous system, psychological disorders and psychological aspects of the human mind. Students study the brain and nervous system in light of intelligent design. The goal of this club is to help students interested in science see the handiwork of the Creator and assist them in becoming more equipped to have compassion for fallen man.
Robotics is a gathering of students who are interested in learning about and working with robotics. At Robotics competitions, teams of students must design and build a robot that can compete against opponents in a series of specific challenges. Students develop and program their own robot in the weeks before the event, adhering to list of preset rules and regulations. Robotics will boost a students' problem-solving skills, teamwork, creativity and technical knowledge in an engaging, collaborative way. Watch the GBS Robotics team in action and visit the GBS Robotics website for more information.
Rodeo Team
The GBHS Rodeo Team consists of students who love to ride and compete in national rodeos. This club provides opportunities to develop in leadership, sportsmanship, communication and character. The club also accepts members that support the team, ride regularly and are working towards joining the team.
Spacecraft engineering Team

The Spacecraft Club will be launching a satellite (cubesat) into orbit in the coming years. They will be learning how to build components of the cubesat, learning how to design, build and test various pieces. This club is for anyone interesting in this cutting edge opportunity!

Spanish National Honor Society Club

The Spanish National Honor Society is an academic honor society focused on Spanish language excellence in secondary education and promotes a continuity of interest in Spanish studies.  The members of this club also run a Spanish Club at our elementary school, teaching students (K-6) the fundamentals of the Spanish language. 


The International thespian society

The International Thespian Society encourages and supports students involved in all aspects of high school theatre - from performance to technical work. Students are lifetime members of the organization once admitted, and join a family that develops artists throughout their lifetimes as performers. Members of the ITS at Grace help support the shows in every capacity, and support the fine arts program whenever necessary. 


The Video Game Club is a club for gamers, students who love playing video games. Once a week, they come together during lunch and have some friendly competition with their favorite video games.

Fashion Club

Run by teacher and fashionista Mrs. Diamond, this club is designed to study the evolution of fashion and to help members of the club develop their own personal style.

School Newspaper Club

This club is student run and overseen by our English Department Chair, Mrs. Pendleton.  The newspaper is published electronically and designed to inform students of news and campus activities. 

Big sisters Club

This club was initiated by female senior students who wanted to pour into the lives of female freshmen students; this is accomplished through bi-monthly meetings where they discuss various issues from a Biblical worldview.

Tea Club

The Tea Club meets weekly to share a cup of tea and conversation with one another.  This club helps create new friendships on campus and helps deepen friendships already existing. 

ultimate frisbee Club

The Ultimate Frisbee Club meets once a month on a Saturday to play Ultimate Frisbee together.  It creates opportunity for fun athletic competition between friends, new and old.

graphic design Club

The purpose of the Graphic Design Club is to understand the general idea of logo and analyze key aspects or features of products in order to create symbolic design.  

worship band

The Worship Band is a team of students who desire to use their musical talents in chapel to help our student body express worship to God  through music and song. The goal of the Worship Band is to give glory to God in all they do, grow in their musical abilities, and lead their peers in praises to our King.

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Spanish on the elementary campus ends with a bang!

Don't see a club that interests you? Talk to our principal about starting a club today!
As a current sophomore, I have participated in many sports, numerous clubs and the theatre department. I have made many long and lasting friendships with many beautiful people. But most importantly, a deep relationship with Christ- Alexa, Class of 2020


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