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Opportunities abound in our small school environment for participation and excellence with Championship level sports and Christian coaching and character focus.

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The Program


Our goal is to educate the entire soul of our students. We see that through the development of students spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically. This is why Grace Brethren High School exists.


As we are dedicated to nurturing the whole student, providing the opportunity for development in the arts is essential to discovering the gifts God has given each student.  God is the Creator and since we are made in His image, we should be creating beauty in all areas of life.  Our arts department develops this ability in our students.


We believe that sports are a microcosm of life. If you can be successful in the discipline of athletics, you can be successful in life. Competition will inevitably reveal the heart and character of an individual.


Hey Mr. Nandor!

I was just staying up late, applying to a study abroad program that I procrastinated,
and one of the essay questions was, "What is the most important story of your life?"
and I wrote a little something that you might appreciate. It speaks volumes of
Grace's Bible department; who knows! Maybe you can use it in a brochure or something. But in all seriousness, ever since I got here I've realized the value of my education, and I'm so thankful that I went to Grace. You should see me! I'm whipping out references I didn't know I knew, and vanquishing all blasphemous ideas in my path! They believe in infallibility over here in Malibu, and it is exhausting. AND my Religion 101 professor has been using The Message. Oh, speaking of, do you by any chance still have that spectrum that talks about all the translations? Is there anyway I could get a copy? If you only have it on paper, I guess I could come by and visit my beloved Grace Brethren... As far as students here go, I've been getting a lot of "I believe in the Bible, I just haven't read it." By some miracle, God keeps sending me people to talk to. Its actually pretty awesome. Anyway, the point is, everyday I'm more and more grateful for my Christian Education, and I seriously wouldn't trade it for anything. So thank you! And I hope that every student there now is having the experience that I did. Say hi to the family!!

Jessie Ruzich Class of 2011

My experience at Grace has definitely been a great one! The part of this school that is the most meaningful to me is the teachers. Helpful caring teachers are behind every door and they have devoted so much of their time to helping us learn and grow our academic skills. They are always in their classrooms everyday after school ready to help students tackle concepts they didn't understand in class. Sports are another spotlight at Grace. It's very exciting to go to the games whether your're on the team or watching in the stands.

Jocelyn Biglin Class of 2020


Grace is not just a school; it's a community. It is wonderful because everyone knows everyone and is welcoming to new students as well as visitors. In just two years of attending Grace, I have made the closest friends I have ever had in my life. One of the major aspects that contribute to Grace's greatness is the teachers. Each teacher takes a personal interest in the students and is willing to help make time for one on one review to aid in the student's success. One teacher even stayed at school until 7pm on a Friday night so that I, as well as other students, could continue dissecting an animal that we were fascinated by. Additionally, teachers such as Mrs. Yonkers and Miss Talcott have pushed me in my faith in the Lord and have helped me grow spiritually. 

Cali McCoy Class of 2019


Grace is an amazing place to learn for many reasons. One of these reasons is the community at Grace. I met some of my best friends here. Another reason is the faculty. The teachers always bring Christ into their lessons. Even my math teacher! The teachers pray for us and there is a special bond between students and teachers that you can't get anywhere else. Another reason is how the students are treated with respect. We are given the freedom to sit where we want at lunch, have our phones with us and so much more. Overall, Grace is an amazing school and I enjoy coming here. I strongly care about this school and recommend that parents send their kids here.

Lindsey Di Conti Class of 2021


The fondest part of Grace Brethren High School for me is the teachers. The ability and privilege to be able to walk into any classroom on campus after school and have a teacher there helping students for hours is incredibly unique. At any other high school, the teachers pack up and high tail it out of campus as soon as that last class is over. Not at Grace! The difference here is that we have loving people. Teachers want to see you grow, watch you succeed and assist you every step of the way. Most teachers on campus have open doors to more than just education. If you have a life question, a spiritual curiosity, a private issue or whatever it might be; a teacher is gladly willing to give their time and insight to you; even confidentially. Grace has genuine, God-loving, people-loving individuals.

Tucker Robertson Class of 2017


Grace is a great place because it gives everyone great opportunities. They try to make it so you can do multiple sports or you can do sports and drama. Every teacher really cares about their students and they all try to help them as much as possible. I also love how students are allowed to go into higher math classes or AP classes to help save on college. I would recommend Grace because you can have a family here. The teachers, administration and students all are one family that helps each other grow. The education is great and so are the experiences here. If you student is good at sports or drama, we have great programs for both. This school is great because it gives everyone great opportunities.

Miranda Oddy Class of 2019


Message from the Principal

Grace Brethren is a coeducational, College Preparatory Junior / Senior High School that focuses on placing Christ at the center of all we do. Our mission is specifically designed to work with students, in partnership with parents, in a discipleship environment – one that seeks to mature each individual’s relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our graduates have gone on to some of the more influential four year institutions across the nation, and have been well prepared for the rigors of higher education. This is true because we hire qualified, professional instructors, and implement a curriculum that is cutting edge.

Offering Junior High on the same campus as a High School provides for a unique set of opportunities not seen at other schools. At the center of these opportunities is the discipleship that occurs between upper and lower classmates. Indeed, junior high students are treated with love and respect and are afforded the ability to see positive role models in their every day life on campus. Academically, these junior high years allow us to sequence a full six-year academic program rather than the traditional two-year program. In this way, we ready students for high school and have an effective impact on therein future academic success.

At Grace, our Junior high is also about FUN. In these formative years, students needs to express themselves artistically, athletically and socially. Towards this end, we offer multiple club and social activities, as well as fielding multiple sports teams in all three seasons of competition. The Grace junior high student is an involved student whose traditional learning experience is infused with multiple alternative learning opportunities.

Most importantly, Grace provides a loving and intimate family environment, where students make lifelong friendships, and receive specialized, individual instruction. We would consider it a blessing to be a part of the educational plan for your family.

Welcome to Grace Brethren - a very special place.

God Bless You,
John Hynes

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