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Frequently Asked Questions

Enrolling in Grace Brethren Schools On Campus Classes

Grace Academy Lancer Track members often enroll in some classes at the 'brick and mortar' school campuses of Grace Brethren Schools.  Sue Howard can talk you through this process and how enrolling in those classes can have a positive impact on the overall educational experience of your student. Tuition rates, class scheduling, transcripts and more topics are covered in your conversation with Mrs. Howard. Contact her at to set up a time to discuss your options.

Does Grace Academy hold a graduation ceremony?

Grace Academy holds a graduation ceremony in June.  Students in grade 12 are invited to wear a cap and gown, and are graduated individually by their parents and the principal.

Do Grace Academy graduates receive a high school diploma?

Grace Academy graduates receive a Grace Academy High School Diploma. Grace Academy offers two diploma options: standard and college preparatory. 

Does Grace Academy provide transcripts?

Grace Academy provides Junior High and High School Transcripts.

Does Grace Academy provide curriculum?

Grace Academy offers suggestions for what curriculum may work best for your child's learning style. The option for  Grace Academy to oversee an independent study and issue test is also available. 

How many students are in The Grace Academy?

In the 2015/16 year Grace Academy had 165 students enrolled from grades K-12. With a graduating class of 19.

Is Standardized Testing mandatory?

Standardized Testing is a service provided by Grace Academy in partnership with parental assistance. Standardized Testing is optional for students enrolled in the Traditional Track, but is recommended. 

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