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The program that allows you to shop and help your family and other families desiring an education at Grace Brethren Schools. Through a variety of national and local businesses, G-SHOP provides numerous ways for you to create a monthly stream of adjustments to your Family Billing Account. This stream of adjustments works against any item that is charged against your account. It is more than just YOUR shopping. You can, and hopefully will, create your G-SHOP Group that will support you the exact same way by simply shopping at any of the participating organizations. You can see the current supporting organizations below and more will be added as they are discovered and approved for participation. Before you go further, please understand that all of the information presented is designed for you to follow step-by-step, word-by-word to get signed up AND to help you sign up others for your G-SHOP Group. However, if you need help, please email Terry Gourley, Director of Development. He will help you as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

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As a G-SHOP participant, you will receive 75% of all donations created by YOUR family's shopping in the form of adjustments to your Family Tuition Account. (The other 25% goes to the Grace Assistance Fund. (A Fund designed to aid families in need of tuition assistance)

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The G-SHOP Program Disclosures

The supporting organizations in the G-SHOP program donate money to Grace Brethren. Grace Brethren Schools has determined that the best use of these donations is to use them to adjust the individual participating families tuition and to create a financial assistance vehicle called the Grace Assistance Fund. The funds contributed by the supporting organizations belong to Grace Brethren and are not an asset of the individual family. Grace Brethren Schools reserves the right to change the program at anytime including altering the percentages allocated to family accounts and the Grace Assistance Fund as well as ending the program in its entirety.

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