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Grace Brethren Schools operates as a self supporting ministry of Grace Brethren Church. The entire operating budget of the school is paid for by tuition and fees.  Each year the Grace Brethren School Council determines the appropriate level of tuition and fees to balance the coming year's planned expenses based on expected enrollment. 

Each and every school requires improvements to facilities, equipment and other aspects of the entity. These improvements are paid for through a variety of one time events and ongoing giving opportunities. With a school educating children from age 2 to age 19, we look forward to working with you to find a way for you to financially participate in continuing to enhance the Bibilical centered education that Grace Brethren Schools is known for and provided since 1978.

Facility Improvement Fund

Our annual giving fund is known as the Good Steward Fund. This fund is used to meet the needs of upgrading facilities on each of our school campuses. We accept gifts to the Facility Improvement Fund in any amount as well as stocks, bonds and other investment property.

Grace Assistance Fund

This fund is our newest financial program at Grace Brethren Schools. Our school has a wide variety of families that desire a Christian worldview as the foundation of their child's education. Within that wide variety are families that cannot afford the full tuition, but there also exist families that have been greatly blessed with financial resources. This fund is administered by a special committee devoted to awarding money from this fund to families that are not only in true need but also represent families that are devoted to a complete Biblical education.

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