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Elementary & Junior High School Athletic Program

The perspective student athlete at Grace Brethren Elementary School will be provided with a Christian view point on sportsmanship, a way to grow and develop their skills two to three times a week, and have a chance to compete at the highest level of competition at their grade level. Grace Brethren participates in the highly competitive San Fernando Private School League. This league is composed of 42 private schools from West Los Angeles to Moorpark and was established in 1995. Sports are provided for 4th-6th graders pending on available coaches. Every child who participates has an opportunity to grow and improve. The sports are organized by season and coaches are needed to field a team.

The athletic program of GBS is an extension of the academic and physical education programs.  Its main purpose is to help develop the physical, emotional, and scholastic advancement of the student, as well as, to allow those who are gifted in the different sports to excel.  Participating on an athletic team is a privilege for those students who are interested and have the ability and the right attitude.  Membership must be earned by the student through the maintenance of acceptable scholastic grades as well as irreproachable conduct in class and on the playing field.

It is our goal as a school and as a program to provide athletes with a chance to enjoy, develop, and compete in the sport of their choice.  We will strive to create an environment that is safe, healthy, and enjoyable for all.  Most importantly, we want to see the formation of Christ-like characteristics in every athlete.

We believe that school athletics exists to benefit students and that dignity, worth, and self-esteem of the individual should be paramount in athletic activities. We believe that winning is an attitude resulting from optimum preparation, concentrated effort, and a deep commitment to excel.  We believe that open communication and mutual respect among coaches, parents, and athletes provide the foundation for a successful program.  With these important components pulling together, both student growth and program quality will be enhanced.

Our school was founded to Honor God, and this is the main priority.  As a member of a GBS team it is important to realize this priority and act on it.   An athlete must live clean and play hard.  We must win without boasting and lose without excuses, and we never quit!


Drill Team - 3rd through 6th grade Fall
Boys Flag Football
Girls Volleyball


Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball


Girls Soccer
Boys Soccer

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