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Financial Assistance

It is our desire to assist families to obtain a Grace Brethren Schools Christian education. Grace Brethren Schools is funded by your tuition payments. We take very seriously every dollar that we receive and work hard to be great stewards of those funds. We may extend financial aid to qualifying families based on need. The financial aid that is granted is a reduction in the total tuition dollars received.

Since 2007, the leadership of Grace Brethren Schools has responded to the difficult challenges of the economy and rising demand for our educational program with an expansion in financial aid. While this approach has enabled many families to come and remain at GBS, it sometimes isn’t enough and everyone doesn’t qualify. That is why we have created other ways for you to control your tuition. Please take advantage of these opportunities!


You are our best advocate. The experience your family has at GBS is reflected in the development of the whole child and sets a tone for the entire family. Your voice to your friends, acquaintances and people you meet with a need is stronger than any marketing tactic that can be deployed. Click the image below for an infographic that explains the impact you have on both a referred family and Grace Brethren Schools.


The program that allows you to shop and help your family and other families desiring an education at Grace Brethren Schools. Through a variety of national and local businesses, G-SHOP provides numerous ways for you to create a monthly stream of adjustments to your Family Billing Account. This stream of adjustments works against any item that is charged against your account. It is more than justYOUR shopping. You can, and hopefully will, create your G-SHOP Group that will support you the exact same way by simply shopping at any of the participating organizations. You can see the current supporting organizations below and more will be added as they are discovered and approved for participation. Before you go further, please understand that all of the information presented is designed for you to follow step-by-step, word-by-word to get signed up AND to help you sign up others for your G-SHOP Group. However, if you need help, please email Terry Gourley He will help you as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

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Multi Student Discount

For families with more than one student enrolled at GBS, we offer a Multi Student Discount.

  • 1st Child - Stated Tuition per respective Campus
  • 2nd Child - 8% Discount
  • 3rd Child - 25% Discount
  • 4th Child and More - 50% Discount

Financial Aid - Discounted Tuition

Financial Aid is a reduction in the tuition you pay based on financial need. That need is determined through a third party processing firm that you can access from the Financial Assistance page. Go to then scroll to the bottom to find the FAST image and get started.
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