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Commencement and Promotion

Commencement opportunities for all students will be conducted at the conclusion of the 8th and 12th grades.  These ceremonies are held separate and apart from the GBHS ceremonies.  Graduates from The Grace Academy will receive a graduation diploma that indicates successful completion of the necessary course work required by the State of California and academic requirements of GBHS.  Grace Academy is not an accredited institution.

Junior High Promotion Requirements (7th & 8th grade) 140 units
The Grace Academy junior high school promotion requirements are modeled closely after the Grace Brethren Schools program, which encourages students to apply themselves and prepares them for high school coursework.  Students who meet these requirements receive a The Grace Academy Certificate of Completion at the Commencement Ceremony.  Each semester course is valued at 5 units.  Course work that runs less than four semesters maybe taken over two (2) non-concurrent semesters.  140 total units.

   Bible (4 semesters) (20 units)    Science (4 semesters) (20 units)
   English (4 semesters) (20 units)      PE (2 semesters) (10 units)
   History (4 semesters) (20 units)    Electives (6 semesters) (30 units)   
   Math (4 semesters) (20 units)    A 2.0 minimum GPA


High School Graduation Requirements (9th - 12th grade)

Standard Academic Track - 220 units

Students who choose not to pursue college preparatory coursework are welcome to complete their studies through The Grace Academy and receive a high school diploma at the conclusion of high school.  A minimum of 220 units in a variety of disciplines as well as a 2.0 GPA is required. 

Course work will be determined by the parent and submitted to The Grace Academy for review and approval using the Course of Study form in compliance with the California State Standards. Students who do meet these requirements will receive a Grace Academy diploma.  The Grace Academy is not an accredited institution.

Academic Track with Distinction - 270 units

The Grace Academy high school graduation requirements are modeled closely after the Grace Brethren Schools program. Students who pursue this rigorous course of study will maintain a competitive edge with regard to college admission requirements.  Grace Academy is not an accredited institution.

   Bible (4 years)    Computer Elective (1 year)
   English (4 years)      Composition (1 semester)
   Math (3 years; with Algebra 2 minimum)      Critical Thinking (1 semester)  
   Science (3 years total including Biology + Lab & Chemistry + Lab)       PE or Sports (1 year)
   Social Studies/History  (3.5 years)    Electives (6 semesters)
   Foreign Language (2 years of the same) (3 recommended)    Fine Arts (1 year)
Graduating Seniors will be offered an opportunity to order a Graduation Package which will include a cap, tassel, gown, and diploma with case for an extra fee.  It is our desire to offer one Commencement Ceremony for our Grace Academy Seniors.  Families present their students with a diploma. 

Disney Grad Nite participation is also encouraged.  Additional fees apply.

The University of California (UC) and the California State University (CSU) systems have established a uniform minimum set of courses required for admission as a freshman.  Visit  for more information.

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