Health & Safety

Safety & Security

Elementary & Jr/Sr High

Grace is a closed campus educational environment. To insure campus safety and security, school personnel follows specific procedures. Students and visitors must comply with the following requirements or will be asked to leave the campus.

  1. Any parent picking up students during school hours must come to the front office to have the student called out of class. To avoid disruption to the classroom, parents will not be allowed to visit classrooms during school hours unless prior approval from the teacher is obtained.
  2. Student Passes: To leave the classroom during class time or on the playground for any reason to go to the office, the student needs permission from the teacher. A pass from the office is also needed to be readmitted to the class.
  3. Visitor Passes: Visitors are welcome on the Grace campus as long as they are students or parents, guardians, or relatives of a student(s), or someone who is seriously considering enrollment in our school. Student visitors must be approved by the administration at least one day before the visit. To be approved, both the Grace student and the visiting student must submit a note from their parents to the office requesting permission for the visit. All student visitors must abide by Grace dress and conduct standards.
  4. Any visitor (student, alumnae, parent, youth pastor, etc.) must obtain and wear a visitor’s pass issued by the office. Visitors must report to the office immediately upon entering the school grounds and are not allowed to sign students out to go off campus.


Grace Preschool welcomes parents to visit the school and be involved in their child’s preschool experience. Please communicate with your child’s teacher to coordinate your participation in the classroom.

  1. All parent volunteers, visitors, and other volunteers MUST report to the school office first.
  2. All visitors need to sign in and receive a visitor’s badge before going to the classroom.
  3. Volunteers (outside of parents) will be required to complete a volunteer application before beginning volunteer service at the preschool.
  4. Children will remain under the direct supervision of preschool staff unless otherwise directed by the child’s parent.

Student Pick Up/Drop Off & Parking Policies by Campus

In order to provide a safe learning environment, it is imperative that ALL children are signed in and signed out in the school roster book DAILY. Each child has his/her own page for the RESPONSIBLE ADULT to sign and write in the child’s arrival and departure times. Siblings signing a child out must be at least thirteen (13) years old, must be listed on the student’s Identification and Emergency Information form, and must be known to the preschool staff.

Only those individuals on the child’s Identification and Emergency Information form will be allowed to pick up the child. Unfamiliar persons will have their ID checked and verified. Be sure to list all people who might possibly be picking up your child.

All changes of information on the Identification and Emergency form must be submitted in writing. Verbal changes will be made only upon the confirmation of the Family Password. If there is no Family Password, no changes may be made verbally. Please be sure to keep the information current. 

Health Policies by Campus