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At the preschool, we are taking a team approach to parent volunteers. Rather than assign the bulk of the needs to one parent, we’d like to offer a variety of means by which parents can be involved. We’d like for Class Ambassadors to volunteer on a monthly – or weekly – basis. This can take many forms, including at-home projects, which allow for parents with limited schedules to still be involved in very meaningful ways.
• Make play dough, GAK, or goop (recipes will be provided)
• Preparing projects (i.e. cutting out shapes for an art project)
• Class Party Helpers
• Volunteering in Classrooms

Our campus uses to track our volunteers.  Click here to be taken directly to our page on and get involved today!

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Registration is based on available space within the child’s developmental level. Developmental level is determined by the child’s chronological age as well as how the child fits into the academic and social framework of the school. Grace Brethren Preschool accepts the obligation to work with each child and family to determine the proper placement of each child.

Each child admitted must be determined by the School Administrator to be able to benefit from the program offered and that his/her needs are being met.

The school maintains a waiting list in general chronological order to applications as received, giving preference to siblings of enrolled children in the Grace Brethren School system.

Grace Brethren Preschool does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national, or ethnic origin.