In our desire to continue serving our community better, we have recently begun the process of transitioning from our current student information system and tuition management software, FACTS, to a system called Blackbaud. We believe this change will be beneficial for both our families and staff as the Blackbaud system offers many user-friendly features that simplify processes such as checking grades, updating student information, making payments and much more.

As part of this change, our Re-Enrollment process will have a few extra steps this year. All families will need to create a Blackbaud login and check to ensure that the family’s information has come over correctly from FACTS . Once you have confirmed your family's information, you can select your tuition payment schedule for the 24/25 school year and pay the re-enrollment fee.  After a short 5-10 minutes, you will be done and ready for the next year. We will be following up with another email in the next few weeks listing all of the step-by-step instructions for creating your Blackbaud login and completing re-enrollment.

The re-enrollment period will begin February 15th this year. Blackbaud logins and re-enrollment contracts will be available from February 15th until March 1st at the reduced “Family Preference” enrollment rate of $275  for students returning to or entering the Elementary and Jr/Sr High campuses and $150 for students returning to the Preschool. After March 1st, the enrollment rate will increase to $550 for Elementary and Jr/Sr High students, so please be sure to complete your enrollment during February if you will be returning.

If you'd like to enroll a new sibling at the discounted family enrollment rate ($275 for Elementary and Jr/Sr High, $150 for Preschool), please complete your application prior to February 15th.

If you need to withdraw your student for the 24/25 school year, please complete the withdrawal form by February 15th (follow the link under the "Withdrawal Process and Form" tab below to access the form) to let us know you will not be returning and to avoid receiving further re-enrollment communications. Withdrawal forms received after April 30th will be considered late withdrawals and will incur a withdrawal fee ($500 for Elementary and Jr/Sr High students, $150 for Preschool students).