Can’t Sing in Music & Art, Not a Problem for Mrs. Carter

When Mrs. Carter was hired as the new Fine Arts teacher, she never thought that she would be forced to focus only on the art portion of the class and drop the music. Unfortunately, with county and state guidelines restricting students from practicing choir in class, Mrs. Carter has been forced to eliminate all singing and choral parts of the class. This did not slow her down though. Mrs. Carter’s creative genius has been on full display and the students are absolutely loving their time with her. On Tuesday, the 6th graders created a colorful chalk painting of a lion. It was incredible to see each student's creativity unlocked as they followed a directed drawing of a lion, colored it in with chalk and finished it off with liquid starch to smooth out the colors. Mrs. Carter demonstrated the use of warm and cool colors and how to use them within their creation. Mrs. Carter is proof of Grace Elementary’s incredible teachers developing creative ways to lead and instruct within the current restrictions. Although she is looking forward to teaching the students music, for now, she is creating a masterpiece of art class.


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