Referral Rewards

We appreciate referrals. It tells us that you are proud that your child attends Grace Brethren Schools. For every student you refer who enrolls in Grace Brethren Schools, you receive a FREE month of tuition.

  • The Referral Incentive will be paid only for NEW full time enrolled students at GBS in grades K through 12 and Preschool students enrolled for 3 full days per week or more. (The Grace Academy is excluded)
  • There is no limit to the number of students you can refer. If a family has more than one NEW student to enroll, the referral incentive applies to all of their NEW students.
  • A New student is defined as a student that is enrolling for the first time ever in the student’s life from a family that has no other students currently enrolled in GBS.
  • Parents will receive their free month of tuition in 3 installments beginning 120 days after the receipt of the first monthly payment. (Example: The new student enrolls in March and makes their first payment in June. The parent will receive the first third of their free tuition in October, the second third in November and the final installment in December.)
  • All incentives will be paid through the time of enrollment. Upon a student withdrawal, the incentive will continue to be paid until the incentive balance matches the months of enrollment. (Example: A family attends Grace for one month, pays their tuition and then withdraws before paying the second month’s tuition. A parent would receive 1/3rd of their free month of tuition).
  • Tuition payments by the new family must remain current. If a referred family falls behind in their tuition payments, the referral incentive will be stopped pending the account being brought current.
  • The new referred family is eligible for the pastoral and multi student discount as is any other enrolling family. If the family receives some type of financial aid that results in a payment less than full, with the exception of pastoral or multi-student discounts, the free month of tuition would be prorated accordingly.
Application Process
  1. The Referral Incentive Program REQUIRES the completion of the Referral Reward form. This form is completed by the family who referred the potential/new student. This should be done as soon as you begin the process of recruiting the student to GBS. There is the potential that more than one family will be in contact with that student. IMPORTANT: The first family to register that student will be eligible for the Referral Incentive. If a conflict arises regarding the referral, the Business Manager will arbitrate the situation.
  2. Complete the Referral Reward form to register for this program. 
  3. The Business Office will communicate any incentives awarded.
  4. If you have any questions during this process, please contact the GBS Business Office at 805-522-4605.

Bible-based Curriculum

Academic Excellence

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Quick Facts

  • Accredited through ACSI and WASC
  • 1,256 students enrolled (Pre-12) for 2018-2019
  • Over 27 extra-curricular clubs and programs offered
  • More than 35 athletic teams
  • 22 AP& Honors courses in 16 different disciplines
  • Preschool accepts students starting at age 2
  • GBHS graduation rate going straight to college - 97%