Please keep in mind, this is a guide to ALL the features available in the portal.  Each campus may utilize these features differently.  Please contact your school’s front office for clarification or with questions.


Welcome to the Grace Brethren Schools Family Portal – Parent Zone!  The portal is a password-protected hub for GBS information not accessible to anyone who is not a part of GBS community.  We publish handbooks and information about class activities and events that are not accessible to the general public. 

In FACTS (MyGrace), our school information system, we house family and student information such as class schedules, assignments, grades, attendance and family account information.

Also in the Parent Zone is information a current Grace family needs.  Here you will find information for new families, lunch ordering information, dress codes, payment information, health and safety, faculty directory and more.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, send a comment by clicking on the Website Comments button on the Parent Zone landing page.  

General information

Getting There

Go to the home page of our website and click on Community on the top right and click on the Parent portal. This will take you to the Parent Zone Login page.  Use your user name and password to log in.  First-time user instructions and Forgot Username or Password links are on the bottom of the Login Page.

This will take you to the Parent Zone homepage.  From here you can access helpful links and browse The Parent Zone for information via the left navigation menu.

FACTS (MyGrace)

FACTS is our school information system (SIS).  Once you are in FACTS, you can access your family account information (your email addresses, insurance information, address, cell phone number,etc) and student information (grades, report cards, assignments, behavior notices, attendance notices).

The moment faculty or staff updates information, the information is immediately available to parents and students.  Parents, in turn, can visit FACTS as often as they’d like and always see the latest information that has been entered.  This allows parents to follow their student’s progress as closely as you like. 

School Information.  Access to your information is under school information, web forms.  Web forms allow you to submit certain information we have on record for your family, or to simply check if what we have is correct.  You can change your phone numbers, email addresses and so forth, but also medical information and other contact information for your student.  Be sure to hit the save button before exiting the page.  You can also update emergency contacts and grandparent information from web forms.  Check with your campus to see the preferred method of reporting demographic changes – paper or online.  FOR JUNIOR AND SENIOR HIGH STUDENTS:  DO NOT CHANGE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.  THIS MUST REMAIN STUDENT.NAME@GRACEBRETHREN.COM FOR ACCESS TO FACTS.

Student Information.  This is the area parents spend the most time.  On this landing page, you will see your student’s weekly homework (by date or subject), current grades (by semester), weekly lunch menu, weekly attendance and behavior notices.  Again, check with your campus to see how FACTS is used for reporting this information. 

On the left banner, you will notice additional menu items.  Here is a brief summary of each of the pages:

  • Grade.  Progress reports by subject.  Click on the selection box to choose which class you wish to view.  Each progress report is printable.  This report shows you each assignment, test, quiz and project grade.  Missing assignments are in red.
  • Homework.  You can search on homework assignments by date or subject and print.
  • Lesson Plans.  If utilized by your student’s teacher, the weekly lesson plan will be displayed.
  • Report Cards.  Progress Reports are sent home typically every Saturday via an email with a clickable link to the progress report.  Report Cards are send via an email typically 2 weeks after the grading period ends.  Grading periods typically run between 6 -8 weeks depending on the school calendar.  Final semester Report Cards are sent via email typically 2 weeks after the semester ends.  All are available via the sent link.  The link is valid for 2 weeks.  If the parent or student want a copy of the Progress Report or Report Card it must be printed via the link.  Check with your campus to see if this feature is used.
  • Attendance.  Attendance records are display by semester.  Click on semester and print or simply review.
  • Behavior.  On this page you can view your student’s behavioral notices such as detention.
  • Medical.  Viewable only.  Please review and ensure information is accurate and complete.  Any missing information, contact your campus registrar.
  • Lunch.  Lunch menus are viewable by month, week or day. 
  • Schedule.  We saved the best for last.  Here you will find your student’s class schedule.
  • Family Information.  In this section of FACTS, you are able to view contact information, sibling information, billing, re-enrollment link, update usernames and passwords.
  • Resources.  FACTS has included a link for the GBS families to their College Resources page.

If you wish to pay your statement via FACTS, please note by clicking Pay Now, via this secure portal the fee for Web Payment is $0.85 per transaction. This payment option utilizes your checking account. There are many different payment methods available to our families.  The Payments & Referrals page has additional information.