At Grace Brethren, we don't take a traditional Summer Break. We offer exciting opportunities to make new friends, try something new, take a traditional summer class or just have good 'ole summer fun! 

Learn more about each of our Summer Programs below:


We have Preschool year round!  But in the Summer we focus on having even more fun while learning!


Camp Champion has been serving the community of Simi Valley for over 25 years.  It is an excellent opportunity for your child to enjoy the fun of summer break in a safe, fun, and loving environment.

Jr/Sr High

At the Jr/Sr High, we offer summer school and Math & English Foundations Camp for grades 6-8.

Summer Dance Camp for Grades 5 - 12

Come join us as we dance the summer away - or at least three weeks of it!

Summer Sport Camps

Softball camp for athletes age 8-14!

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