Summer programs Details & Information

Program Details

Enrollment and Registration

Visit our Summer at Grace page for more information for our Summer Programs.  Registration is now open and will continue until space allows or until the deadline is reached for certain programs.

  • You may access the Registration link my clicking on any program.  The registration link is in the pop-up window which includes information on that particular camp or if you have made your decisions on camp(s), use the links below.
  • Preschool registrations are via the registration link.  Full and half-day programs are available.
  • Camp Champion registrations, the form allows you to register for one week, all weeks or daily registration from the the same form.  However, you will need to register each individual camper on a separate form.  Online registrations require a credit card payment at the time of enrolling. Camp Champion has a non-refundable fee of $40 per camper.  Register now for Camp Champion.
  • Jr/Sr High Academic program registrations require a credit card payment at the time of enrolling.  Please note that some of these courses are both online and in person classes.  Register now for Jr/Sr High Academic course(s).
  • G Sport Camps enrollments are on the G Sports Camp website.  Register now for G Sport Camps.
  • Grace in Motion is a Summer Camp based on our "open to the public" after school dance program.  Learn more about the after school program by visiting clicking here.  Our class offerings change by quarter.  Register for Grace in Motion Summer Camp now.  
  • Elementary Robotics Camp is a new program this year and is based on our successful GBS robotics program.  Register now for the Elementary Robotics Camp.  
  • Math and Reading Intervention Camp is also new this year and is based on our Educational Solutions program at GBS.  Click here to learn more about the Educational Solutions program offered for GBS students during the academic school year.  Register for the "open to the public" Summer Math and Reading Intervention Camp.  
  • Fees and supplies are dependent upon which program you are enrolling in.

Additional Fees

Camp Champion Additional Fees:

  • One t-shirt is provided to each camper.  Additional t-shirts are available to purchase during camp hours.
  • Additional fees may apply for special field trips.  See your registration form for details.
  • Lunch options will be announced.

Sports Camps:

  • In addition to the registration fees, some equipment must be provided by the student/family.

Dance Camps:

  • In addition to the registration fees, some attire (such as dance shoes) must be provided by the student/family.

Absences, Pick/Up Drop Off

To ensure the daily safety of each camper, we ask that you report any absence or plans to drop-off or pick-up early to your Camp Director or designated individual.

Drop Off/Pick Up Instructions
Your Camp Director will provide you with instructions for check in/drop off and pick up instructions.

Extended Care

Camp Champion
The Extended Care Program provides care for campers enrolled in Camp Champion before and after camp: 6:30 AM–8:30 AM and 3:15 PM–6PM. The program includes relaxed recreational activities including games and outdoor play. We encourage parents to sign up in advance for our Extended Care Program to help our administration better plan for staffing needs. We understand that circumstances do not always permit early or planned enrollment so Extended Care is open on a drop-in basis for parents with unforeseen scheduling difficulties. Campers who are dropped off before 8:30 AM or not picked up by 3:15 PM will automatically be enrolled into the Extended Care Program. For this supervised time, parents will be charged at $5/per hour. Late fees will be charged after 6 PM. For questions, contact Heidi Marvin, Camp Director or Dylan Suchomel, Asst. Camp Director at 805-527-0101.

Summer Academics and Sport Camps - no extended care is available.  Extended care is offered at the Preschool and Elementary for Grace in Motion (Dance) and Robotics (elementary only).

What to Bring

Each camp or class has its own requirements on what to bring each day.  You will be provided with any specific instructions on what to bring and what not to bring by your Camp Director or instructor.

A few helpful tips:

  • Lunches are not provided, unless noted.  If your camper is enrolled in Camp Champion, lunch options will be provided at a later date.  Lunch is provided on certain days.  See your schedule for details.
  • If your camper will be participating in an outdoor activity, please apply sunscreen prior to drop off.  
  • Campers should wear closed toe shoes and dress in cool, comfortable summer attire.  For sports and dance camps you will be provided with equipment/attire requirements.
  • A personal water bottle is recommended.
  • For any water-related activity, please bring a towel and additional suncreen.
  • We recommend that other personal belongings stay at home as we are not responsible for lost or broken personal items. We also recommend that mobile devices remain at home. Should your camper/student  need to bring a mobile device, staff, instructors and counselors reserve the right to limit usage during camp or class time or to have the devices stored in a backpack or elsewhere in the classroom/camp.
  • Please don’t forget to label all personal items.
  • Communicate directly with your Camp Director or Instructor on any special needs.
  • Academic students are expected to maintain compliance with communicated dress code, be on time and ready to work.


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