vidigami is our secure cloud-based photo management platform designed to give parents a snapshot of everything happening at
Grace Brethren Schools

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With Grace Brethren having students from age 2 to 12th grade, the amount of memories being made and new adventures each day is amazing.   With our website re-design in late 2017, we knew there were amazing photos out there from each campus but we didn't have any easy way to access them internally, let alone share with students and parents.  We wanted a platform to share these memories with our school community, and Vidigami fit our needs.  Now parents can share in the daily life of their students whether that means on-campus, off-campus, on field trips or at GBS events!

Just think if you have a preschooler in 2019, by the time they graduate from GBS in 2034 you will have an electronic photo album of their school years and their work!  How beautiful is that?  

Grace has a vibrant student body and so many experiences to capture and share, we can't wait for you to be a part of this new program.  So whether it is a field trip, sporting event, theatre performances, club events or classroom learning, we all can capture and share moments within our community.  Junior and Senior High students are also invite to share their school memories in Vidigami.

So jump in and join our community.  Starting sharing your school photos today!

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